My music is based on established jazz standards that cover everything from New Orleans blues/dixie to mainstream standards. However, when there is a special request by a customer (such as a bride), their tune can usually found and be added to my

I am a freelance musician and although I have a regular group, there are many situations when members of that group may not be available for a particular date. If this happens, I would contact other musicians and hire them for that event.

There are other situations when a customer may want a smaller number of musicians, such as a duo. I could be available to play as a duo with a keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, or a percussionist.

With my usual trio, or quartet, with or without a vocalist, I’m available for private parties, weddings, conventions, company dinners, as well as other events.

I am very much aware of having my music at a sound level which is comfortable for the partyguests, dinnerguests, etc., so that they can listen if they wish, but also communicate with others, without straining their vocal chords. Therefore, I always monitor the sound level of my band.

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