Clas Larsson – Musician – 2018

Clas, who came from Sweden to Montreal and then to Nova Scotia, moved to Lunenburg in 1998 and by year 2000, he had a jazz trio organized and playing.

The Clas Larsson Trio (CLT) came to life – Clas, on tenor sax & clarinet, Tim Worthington on guitar and Derek Pelley on bass .

It is now the Clas Larsson Quartet (CLQ), with Jordi Comstock on percussion, Tim Worthington on guitar and Robert Clark on bass.

Since 2002, the Clas Larsson Quartet has performed from Liverpool to Halifax and in Wolfville, on a regular basis. Vocalist Katrein sang with them, on many gigs, but has now been replaced by Lisa Lelliott

During the past few years his quartet and trio played over 30 public and private gigs per year and enjoyed every minute of it! They performed on the Main Tent Stage, during the 2007 and 2008 TD Atlantic Jazz Festivals.

Clas has produced two CDs, one in 2004, Studio Session and another in 2005, Jazz At The Opera House. These are available from Clas, at his gigs and from several retailers in Lunenburg County and in Halifax.

If you enjoy all the great jazz standards, you can hear them played by the Clas Larsson Quartet !



Phone: 902-634-3746


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